Texans' captains respond to Kubiak's call

Saturday night in front of his entire cheap jerseys team, Texans coach Gary Kubiak put a big spotlight and magnifying lens over it. The guys with that small rectangular gCh on the right breast of their jerseys needed to elevate their game and lead, he said, issuing a challenge at the team meeting . On the eve of a game pitting the AFCfs two best teams, Kubiak called on his captains to show why their teammates voted them the title. Week 7 Coverage Hensleycheap nfl jerseys
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Authentic NFL apparel and accessories on sale for a limited time

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Now, That's an NFL Offense

The Rams cheap jerseys wholelsale played a home game Sunday against Green Bay where it seemed half the building were Packers fans in a 30-20 loss. Now, the Rams head to London for a "home" game against the New England Patriots and another outstanding quarterback. Tom Brady will be the opponent this week after Aaron Rodgers carved up the Rams for 342 yards on 30-of-37 passing with one of the incompletions a spike. Linebacker James Laurinaitis could have been talking about Brady when he said of Rodgers, "I think what he does the best is that he's good at improv. He escapes to make the deep throws and maneuvers in the pocket. That's something that he does really well. He did that today a couple of times. (He) maneuvered around guys and was able to break out of the pocket and chuck it deep. He's going to make throws that other quarterbacks won't." Still, the Rams had opportunities, but they failed to make enough plays. A fourth-and-2 pass from the Green Bay 14-yard line in the second quarter was dropped by wide receiver Brandon Gibson. After cutting the Green Bay lead to 20-13 in the fourth quarter, linebacker Jo-Lonn Dunbar missed a tackle on a short pass to wide receiver Randall Cobb, who got the first down by one yard on third-and-7. Five plays later, Rodgers hit Cobb for a 39-yard "free-play" touchdown on third-and-9. It was a free play because defensive tackle Kendall Langford was offside. Said defensive end Chris Long, "We had our opportunities and we didn't take advantage of them." Long was offside on a first-quarter play that resulted in a 53-yard play to wide receiver Jordy Nelson. Both gfree playsh were on third down and as coach Jeff Fisher said, gBoth those two long balls would probably not have been thrown had we not jumped in the neutral zone. So, eLetfs just take a shot,f and hefs really smart. You canft do that.h Of Rodgersf 342 yards, 92 came on those two plays. Without mentioning Dunbarfs name, Fisher said, gYoufve got to make tackles on third down. You get third-and-eight and you make a tackle and get off the field, create fourth downs, and we just didnft do that. "When you play a team as good as they are offensively, in order to have a chance to win, you need to get turnovers. You need to get the ball back or you need to get off the field on third down. That's obviously what we did not do today defensively and that's really the difference in the game." In the first five games of the season, the Rams had nine takeaways, but in losses tio Miami and Green Bay, they had none. Now, the team heads to London instead of being at home. Asked about the adjustment of changing the team's schedule, Fisher said, "We're looking forward to the opportunity, but reality is, maybe you should've asked me that question a couple days from now, not 30 minutes after a loss. But we have a lot to do. Obviously, we go back to the office and players come in. We've got a lot to do to get ready to get on (an) airplane tomorrow afternoon." More line shuffling cheap nfl jerseys
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